Version 1.0.3 of the YANG Editor for Eclipse has been published

April 15th 2014
The latest beta release for the YANG Editor for the Eclipse IDE has just been released. YANG is a data modeling language described in IETF RFC 6020 and is used to model network elements.


YANG Editor Plugin for Eclipse

YANG is defined in the IETF RFC 6020 and is a data modeling language that is designed to model configuration and state data for network elements.  It is starting to become a widely accepted standard and it is my hope this plugin for the Eclipse IDE will help others in their development, deployment, and maintenance of YANG files.

System Requirements:

Eclipse Kepler or Luna releases or later.  
Note: I have received several requests recently (Jan 2015) about Juno support and I hope to investigate the ability to support that release as well.